Challenges faced by commerce students in getting their first job

In this blog, we shall focus on the willingness that lacks in a commerce student and which deprives him of getting his first job.

This happens when even though a commerce student receives his degree and gets his qualifications completed but they feel insecure and less confident in achieving the success of his desires. He works to seek success in the field of his interest but somehow he fails to do so.

Be it a course of CA, CS or LLB, that you have completed, you were forced to dream of handsome salaries starting from 80,000 to 1 Lakh, but it gets failed.

To begin with, you are with no job opportunities due to market crises and pandemics, and if you are getting the jobs, they are providing less than you make a wish for. However, if you are not getting appointed to any job placement then definitely there are some attributes that you are lacked with.

The fundamental skills that can help a commerce student to prepare himself for a first time best job are:

Work on English writing skills

This includes Email Writing, Instructions, Reporting, etc. You must at least drive your focus on improving English writing. You do not have to speak that much fluent English but nominal usage of English vocabulary must be known to a commerce student.

You need to adjust with English writing to a level that can help translate a particular Hindi sentence to an English draft. If you lack this knowledge it will be disastrous when you enter the corporate world, you need to write emails, issue instructions, and making reports.

You need to prepare yourself with them. Begin with learning tenses, modals, and then other grammatical comprehensive rules and soon you will experience improvement in yourself. You must draw at least ten minutes for improving your command of the English language.  

Proficient knowledge of Microsoft tools

Next comes; the successful knowledge of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Presentation as learning this is very common these days. What you want to write, it’s not manual and everything is automated.

Lacking these things will definitely cause harm to you.  There is much content available on the internet that you can make use of to become mastered in the field. Learning makes you best, nothing is a part of it.

When you train yourself with the skills and make additions to them, you are increasing your market value. The increase in market value means you can get a big salary. 



Appropriate knowledge of the banking sector

A commerce student must have basic knowledge relating to the Banking sector. However, they automatically have the minimum knowledge of banking operations.

Having sourced knowledge of big firms

You should know about the strategies adopted by the world or national level firms to mark your worth to lakhs.

You must provisionally initiate your move towards these four applications in your life. They will work in the direction to improve common skills and thus helping you in securing yourself a decent job.