Common Mistakes by Job Seekers in a Job Interview

Most of the time, job seekers make some common mistakes in job interview techniques that can be frustrating and even demeaning to the employer. This can make the recruiter feel that you don't care enough about your job or you are not serious about getting a job in the first place. These mistakes can cost you the job you want. 

The following remain some of the most common mistakes made by job seekers:

Not Dressing for Success
Many job seekers make the mistake of wearing dull and conservative clothes in their interviews. Yes, this may look very unprofessional and smart, but you do not realize that it can turn off the interviewer to hire you. That’s why it is advised to keep track of what you wear during an interview.

Losing Temper During Interview
Another of the mistakes that many people make is that they go out of temper during their job interviews. Yes, you must show that you are serious about your job interview, but you have to make sure that you also make a good impression on your interviewer. You need to maintain an even temper so that your interviewer will take you seriously.

Being Too Relaxed to Care
Another common mistake by job seekers in interviews is when they make it too easy for themselves. They talk in a way that sounds too relaxed and self-confident. They sound arrogant, and they put down people who have different qualifications than they have. They usually start with how good they are and end with saying how good they would do for this or that. Employers are tired of these common mistakes, and they can tell right away that you do not care about the job.

Not Responding to the Interviewer Properly
You should address the interviewer when they address you in person or on call. However, you should not just say hi or goodbye and leave the room. First, do not interrupt the person who is talking. You should politely wait for them to finish speaking. This way, the interviewers will see that you perform well in the interview while keeping your conscience in line.

Being Too Personal & Unreasonable
A common mistake is when job seekers over-talk and ramble on about uninteresting issues. They tend to get too personal and also start making accusations and start being defensive. Sometimes, employees over-talk about salary, and they forget to mention their achievements. 

Flaunting Continuously About Themselves
Another common mistake by job seekers in interviews is that they tend to sound too knowledgeable about things. They give themselves airs about something that is ‘too much information' for the employer. For example, if the employer asks you how long you have worked at a certain company, you answer with, "I've been there two years." This is fine. However, you don't want to say, "I started as a junior accountant, and I was promoted three times in four years, and I currently hold the position of president of the company." This will not impress the employer.

Not Asking Questions to the Employer
One amongst the most common mistakes that job seekers in job interviews is not interacting with the employer. Ask them queries or questions that are indirectly related to the job you are applying for. It shows them that you are equally participating in the whole process and willing to learn more about the company.

Not Doing Your Homework in Advance
Most of the candidates don’t do their homework while looking for a job or joining an interview. Try to know as much about the company before you go for an interview. This will save you from awkward situations during the interview. You will feel more prepared when you have more information about the company and the job.

The Final Say
These remain some of the common mistakes that all job seekers or aspirants should avoid. It is not easy to land a job, so you have to be careful when participating in a job interview. However, if you take your preparation seriously, you will feel more comfortable and more prepared and will undoubtedly land the job of your dreams.